Women Driving Community

Boda Girls mobilizes the power of sisterhood to support women throughout a lifetime. We’re creating a Boda Boda (motorcycle) taxi revolution, by implementing the first female driver entrepreneurship program to connect women and girls to opportunities in education, health, and business.

Boda Girls celebrate in their pink uniforms

A Future Toward Prosperity and Health

We know that female empowerment drives a community’s health. Boda Girls wants to inspire and enable women to reach their fullest potential. Today in Rural Kenya, thousands of women lack access to education, critical health care services, and work opportunities outside traditional, low-wage women’s work.

This results in …

  • High rates of preventable maternal and cervical cancer deaths
  • Young girls missing school leading to dropouts, early pregnancies and financial dependency
  • A lack of skills mentoring and employment opportunities
  • A lack of hope for a vibrant future